IP Vitalization Project: Dispatch to Japan-Europe IP Judiciary Symposium, Meetings with EuroIPG, and Other Meetings

In the IP Vitalization Project, Mr. Sakurai (Leader of the delegation, KAJIMA CORPORATION), a vice president of JIPA, Mr. Ohmizu (FUJITSU), a managing director of JIPA, and 2 secretariat members (including a Europe liaison) were dispatched to the following symposium and meetings held in Europe from September 20 to 28, 2016: Japan-Europe IP Judiciary Symposium sponsored by JIPA and other associations, and meetings with the IP Group in Europe (EuroIPG) formed in the European region this year.
The delegation members attended the symposium and each meeting in relation to the reform of the IP Dispute Resolution System being considered by the Cabinet Office and the relevant ministries and agencies and the associated enhancement of IP awareness of corporate managers. Additionally, the delegation members collected information on IP strategies necessary for Japanese companies, especially strategies against disputes, by holding meetings with law firms specialized in litigation.

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[Update 2016-09-20 ]